The KENAF’s ‘core’ application potential is vast. It is a light weight, pale, straw-coloured granule when milled and perfect virtually anywhere a lightweight, non-petroleum-reliant fibrous material is required.

  • KENAF ‘core’ can absorb up to 4 times its specific weight, compared to the 2.5 times of woodchips and shavings.
  • It is used to absorb, drain and neutralise liquids, sewerage and chemical and/or oil spills.
  • Other applications include paper, particle board for the building industry, animal bedding, packing material, polyolefin extender and engineered plastic lumber.
  • Processed into fine powder, it’s ideal for use in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic and paint industries.
  • It is an excellent bioremediation agent.

The core fibre is hammer milled through 8mm, 12.7mm and 20mm screens producing granules. It is packed in lightly compressed bales which are plastic film shrink-wrapped. The bales are 80cm x 40cm x 34cm weighing 18 – 20kgs.


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