• KENAF is a light-weight, cost-effective natural fibre that’s sustainable, economically viable and ecologically friendly.
  • Because of it’s low-maintenance and drought-tolerant nature, and because of its short 3 to 4 month growing season, KENAF is suitable as an interim crop.
  • KENAF is an excellent rotation crop for maize, groundnuts, etc. It enriches the land in which it grows.
  • KENAF’s versatility is unmatched. The range of value added products KENAF can be used for is massive and are biodegradable. These are products of the future.
  • Many of the end products utilising KENAF can be recycled or are biodegradable; complying with European legislation pertaining to automobile ‘end-of-life’.
  • Kenaf has the highest COČ absorption capacity (one ton of Kenaf absorbs 1.5 tons of atmospheric COČ), thereby helping to prevent global warming
  • Creates employment amongst emergent farmers.

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